Category: Daily Word

  • Entice

    Example : I may try to entice you by offering you the cake. Look at the image below to guess the meaning! Try to guess the meaning! See below, meaning… Continue reading "Entice"

  • Metamorphosis

    Meaning : Manner or process in which an organism changes itself or any of its part. — Example sentences : Caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis to become butterfly. — Trick to remember… Continue reading "Metamorphosis"

  • Adorn

    — Meaning : (verb) to add beauty — Examples : The green grass adorn the outside of the house. — Trick to remember this word: Let’s break this word into… Continue reading "Adorn"

  • Loll

    Let’s have a look on some pictures below to guess the meaning : Can you describe the above picture? The girl sitting here is feeling relaxed! This cute child too!… Continue reading "Loll"

  • Teetotaller

    Meaning : One who completely declines alcohol. — Example sentences : His friend denied to go to the office party where all were supposed to enjoy the drinks because he… Continue reading "Teetotaller"